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ATC Communications

Communications with aircraft over the North-Atlantic is a critical part of our services. Isavia ANS ensures the provision of secure and efficient communications for our customers through Iceland Radio (BICC/Gufunes).


Main services

Operations at Iceland Radio can be split into two main areas, these are:

  1. Voice communications with active aircraft (aeronautical fixed service - AFS)
  2. AFTN messaging system

Voice communications make up the majority of Iceland Radio's operations and require more staff. Oceanic en-route services are provided with voice communications by Iceland Radio unless they are within radar range of the area control center. Radio operators act as the middleman between pilots and air traffic controllers, receiving and sending messages from both parties.

Common services

The following are the most common type of services provided by Iceland Radio:

  • Aircraft location reports
  • Altitude and/or route change requests from pilots
  • Providing clearance to pilots given by the area control center
  • Providing and receiving weather reports to/from pilots
  • Information provision to airline operation centers

Iceland Radio provides its services 24/7 on both HF and VHF frequencies. In total there are 8 COM desks. Iceland Radio also provides service in the Irish Control Area in cooperation with Ballygirren Communication Centre in Ireland.

The VHF service is continuous over the North Atlantic Ocean, with COM equipment located in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. Working frequencies are 126.550 and 127.850.