Volcanir eruption on Reykjanes peninsula.
Information about the eruption can be found on the Civil Protection and Emergency Management website and on the Icelandic Meteorological Offices website.


The Technology

Main ATM systems in use by Isavia ANS

Flight Data Processing System (FDPS)

The flight data processing system (FDPS) ensures the automatic transfer of information within the area control center as well as outside it, for instance between air traffic control towers and adjoining area control centers. Airline operators submit flight plans with their preferred routing etc.. This plan is then received by air data specialists and air traffic controllers in the area control center who do their best to fulfill the request whilst ensuring that air traffic is controlled in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS)

ARTAS processes data from radar, ADS-B stations and satellites. The system sends surveillance data to the integrated situation display system (ISDS). The ISDS shows a collated picture of the current air traffic control situation on the screens of the air traffic controllers in the area control center.

Voice Communication System (VCS)

The Voice Communication System (VCS) is used for vocal communications both domestically and internationally with customer aircraft as well as stakeholders on the ground.

Tern ATC System (TAS)

The Tern ATC System (TAS) is an air traffic information and surveillance processing system used at air traffic control tower in Keflavik International Airport and the approach services located at the Isavia ANS area control center in Reykjavik. The system shows a collated image of the current air traffic situation based on flight and surveillance data.


Isavia ANS is working on a new ATM system for the area control center in Reykjavik. The new system will replace the current flight data processing system (FDPS), which has been in use for 20 years and is currently approaching peak capacity. The new system is called Polaris and is designed by Tern Systems, a subsidiary of Isavia ANS.

Radio Operator Flight Data System (ROFDS)

The ROFDS is a flight data system for radio operators that receives and sends messages. The system is a key component in the collaboration between Iceland Radio and the Irish Aviation Authority's radio communications center in Ballygirreen in Ireland.

Tern ATS Message Switch (TAMS)

TAMS distributes flight data between area control centers, airline operators and other stakeholders.

The switch is responsible for AFTN and AMHS services in Iceland.

Polaris ASD

Isavia ANS is working on improving the air traffic controller display in TAS. The project is called Polaris ASD and is a key component in the total replacement of the ATM systems in use at the Reykjavik area control center.

Remote Tower

Isavia ANS is working on a cost-effective solution for moving air traffic control tower services from the traditional airport tower to the area control center. Emerging technologies within the aviation sector offer numerous opportunities in the use of high definition camera systems in the provision of air traffic control.