Reykjavík Control Center

The Reykjavik Control Center is located in Reykjavik. It is responsible for managing air traffic in approach service and en-route control for domestic flights and in the oceanic airspace, collectively referred to as the Icelandic Control Area.

The Reykjavík Control Center

The main role of the Reykjavik Air Traffic Control Center is to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective air traffic and flight information services to all flights within the Icelandic airspace.
Approximately 100 individuals work at the air traffic control center, including air traffic controllers and flight data specialists. In addition, there are specialized professionals in support departments, such as engineers, software specialists, electronics engineers, and more. The percentage of women is about 38%, and the average age is around 40 years.

Many employees of the Air Traffic Control Center, including air traffic controllers and flight data specialists, perform other duties in addition to their primary roles, working in other departments alongside their responsibilities at the Air Traffic Control Center. These tasks can be diverse and within various departments, such as Training, Research and Development, the Incident Research Group, AIS, or with system designers and testers. Several employees also work on-site and at the offices of the Air Traffic Control Center.

On average, around 400 aircraft pass through the Icelandic airspace within a 24-hour period.