Isavia ANS at Arctic Circle Assembly 2023

The Arctic Circle Assembly was held for the 10th time on October 19th – 21st

On Friday, October 20th, Kjartan Briem, CEO of Isavia ANS, and Franklin McIntoch, Assistant Director of Air Traffic Services at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, delivered presentations at the Reykjavik Edition Hotel, where aviation in the North was discussed.

Among other topics discussed at the conference, the importance of international cooperation was emphasized. The discussions revolved around how various service providers worldwide collaborate to coordinate all operations and processes to ensure seamless air travel. It was also highlighted how Iceland serves as a role model for other nations concerning aviation safety, particularly during events such as volcanic eruptions, where regular exercises are conducted to practice responses to eruption initiations and the necessary measures to be taken.

The conference also addressed the environmentally friendly future of aviation and the continuous efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry. Isavia's goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 was also discussed.