Volcanir eruption on Reykjanes peninsula.
Information about the eruption can be found on the Civil Protection and Emergency Management website and on the Icelandic Meteorological Offices website.

Reykjavik Control Area

Greenland (Nuuk FIR)

The Nuuk flight information region extends over all of Greenland up to 19,500 feet. Isavia ANS provides air navigation services over Greenland above 19,500 feet and north of 63˚30"N in an area that is approximately 3,7 million square kilometers, roughly 70% of the Reykjavik Control Area. Isavia ANS provides air navigation services over the upper airspace over Greenland on behalf of Iceland through a bilateral agreement with the Kingdom of Denmark that was signed in 1976.

Isavia ANS also provides approach and flight procedure design services in Greenland along with flight instrument testing as well as the installation and servicing of communication, surveillance and air navigation equipment.

Suluk APS, a subsidiary of Isavia ANS, provides approach and tower services at Kangerlussuaq airport.