Volcanir eruption on Reykjanes peninsula.
Information about the eruption can be found on the Civil Protection and Emergency Management website and on the Icelandic Meteorological Offices website.

The Borealis Alliance is composed of 9 air navigation service providers (ANSP's) in northern Europe, these are Avinor (Norway), ANS Finland (Finland), the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Isavia ANS (Iceland), EANS (Estonia), LGS (Latvia), LFV (Sweden), UK NATS (United Kingdom) and Naviair (Denmark). Founded in 2012, Borealis is a business focused collaboration between ANSP's intended to increase the level of service provision with regard to costs and performance. In addition to this Borealis serves as an information platform for its members regarding developments in civil aviation and relevant laws and regulations within Europe. Isavia ANS is an active participant in all Borealis Alliance projects, including the free route airspace project.

The biggest Borealis Alliance project to date has been the implementation of so called "free route airspace" (FRA) by all member states. FRA marks a great leap forwards in terms of service provision where ANSP's can offer direct unrestricted routing, whereas before they may have been restricted to certain predetermined routes. Developments in surveillance technologies now allowed ANSP's to offer shorter and more direct routing. Implementation of FRA by Borealis Alliance members has resulted in shorter flight times for customers, thereby, reducing emissions and saving travellers and airlines time.