About us


A new sustainability policy for Isavia and all of its subsidiaries was implemented at the end of 2021. This policy has replaced two older policies regarding the environment and social responsibility. Through its implementation, this policy will fulfill the legal requirements as stipulated by Iceland's climate change policy.

The sustainability policy has three main pillars, these are environment, society and economy. For every pillar there is a set of goals with a more detailed plan for each company and subsidiary. There is a great focus on reducing the carbon footprint, the circular economy, collaboration with the community, our business partners, value creation, innovation and continuous improvements, to name a few.

Isavia ANS is a member of the Borealis Alliance, an alliance of 9 air navigation service providers in Northern Europe. One of the major projects of Borealis has been the implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) which is intended to provide more direct flight routes, thereby, reducing flight times, emissions and costs for our customers. In Iceland airline operators can now fly direct routes between Keflavik International Airport and airports in Norway and Scotland.

Isavia ANS has also been a participant in the so-called "Green Steps" initiative since 2016 with the area control center having completed 2 steps and the ATC Communications Center Gufunes having completed all 5 steps.

The ATC Communications division Gufunes has taken a clear initiative with regard to its environmental footprint. The operation is ISO14001 certified, and is the first division of Isavia ANS to receive this certification. Gufunes has taken some unorthodox steps in order to reduce any negative environmental effects, for instance it has its own chicken coop where any food leftovers are disposed of by the chickens. Gufunes is a model for other divisions to emulate when it comes to environmental issues and has the highest level of recycling of all divisions within Isavia.