Volcanir eruption on Reykjanes peninsula.
Information about the eruption can be found on the Civil Protection and Emergency Management website and on the Icelandic Meteorological Offices website.

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Chief Executive Officer

Kjartan Briem, CEO of Isavia ANS
Kjartan Briem, CEO of Isavia ANS

The Chief Executive Officer at Isavia ANS oversees all daily operations of the company according to its policies and the directions of the Board of Directors. Daily operations do not include any unforseen or unusual events. The CEO has final say in all matters pertaining to company activities, finances and oversees all company assets. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors at regular board meetings and ensures that all activities correspond to existing regulations, laws and company policies.

Kjartan Briem was appointed CEO of Isavia ANS in January of 2021.

Kjartan Briem holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark with a focus on telecommunications. Kjartan has extensive experience in international relations and worked for more than two decades in the telecommunications industry in Iceland. For the majority of that time Kjartan served as CTO of Vodafone Iceland.