AIP Iceland Web Application

AIP Web App

“AIP Iceland” is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is issued in order to facilitate access to the Icelandic AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), AIC and NOTAM. It is now available on A shortcut to the PWA can be created by adding it to the home screen of a smart device.

AIP Iceland is published online at 

In the AIP, information about Icelandic aviation, air navigation and aerodromes are published. The Aeronautical Information Publication and the PWA are published in both Icelandic and English.

The PWA can be used for viewing a HTML version of the AIP and to view or download PDF documents. However, charts are only available in PDF format. Additionally, valid NOTAMs and SNOWTAMs.

No authentication is required to use the application.

The content of the AIP, NOTAM and SNOWTAM should be easy to search using the application. The user should see if there is an active internet connection or not. It is possible to mark specific chapters as favorites, which facilitates easy access to important data through the folder “My Documents”. In order to view the PDF documents of those chapters offline, the documents must have been previously saved, by selecting “Get PDF”.

The user is responsible for updating the PWA but notifications of new versions should appear in the PWA. Further terms of use can be found here.

End-user license agreement

Last update 1.6.2017